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Minnesota is home to the author, MerriLea Kyllo.  She and her husband, Barry, raised two daughters, Rachel (now a Dermatologist specializing in Mohs surgery in St. Louis MO) and Karlea (just completing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work) in the land of 10,000 lakes.  They expanded their home to include six foreign exchange students (each for an entire school year) as well as their nephew, Brad (for his last two years of high school).  The cultural exchange that brought their exchange sons and daughters into their home broadened their views.  Europe and South America are now not only continents, but home to extended family members! 
Early in their marriage MerriLea and Barry traveled extensively throughout the United States while he served as a submarine officer in the US Navy.  Living in different areas of the country opened the eyes of a girl who grew up in a small midwestern town. They now have wonderful friends in many areas of the country and world!


When reading a story or novel do not judge its merit on punctuation, grammar, or diction but rather its ability to capture and move your emotions.  If you feel joy, quivering anger, fear, sadness...or a mixture of all.. the writer has succeeded in his or her quest.


Justice for Baby B

June 10, 2020

A little background on how this story formulated in my mind.  My mother was also a nurse (for over 50 years of her life!) and in the 1960s she did witness the horror of the actual delivery scene portrayed in this novel.  Unfortunately, that baby did not live, but she never forgot it and I think it haunted her until her death. I hope by shedding light on these barbaric medical practices from the not to distant past will help people understand and learn from the past so we become a more empathetic and accepting people.

If Justice for Baby B is selected by your book club and you would like me to join your group either in person, by Zoom, or just answer written questions you may have feel free to contact me at  Happy reading!



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